Ticket Prices: Standard Electronic Ticket






Name of Ticket

Price of Ticket

Type of Smart Card

Validity Term

Time Out Period (if applicable)*


Standard Electronic Ticket

For the amount no less than the minimum cost of a journey on public transport, and no more than RUB 15,000. >Public Transport Passes

  • Podorozhnik Smart Card**>
  • Digital Wallet Magnetic Card
  • Russkiy Standard Smart Card
  • PRO100 Smart Card
  • Guest Electronic Smart Card***
  • Megafon cell phone sticker,
  • Gazprombank Smart Card
  • Otkrytie Bank Smart Card

From the moment of purchase (topping up) until the money is used up, but for a period no longer than 3 years from the time of acquisition (the last time it was topped up)

10 min.

The Committee for Transport Order dd. 27.06.2007 г. No. 31-р ”On Types of Transport Passes and Their Distribution.”  



Metro ride discounts in the calendar month
(per ride)

Cost per journey

Number of journeys in the calendar month

Time Out Period (if applicable)*

RUB 36

from 1 to 10

10 minutes

RUB 35

from 11 to 20

10 minutes

RUB 34

from 21 to 30

10 minutes

RUB 33

from 31 to 40

10 minutes

RUB 32

from 41 and more

10 minutes



1. Number of Journeys: Unlimited.

2. Sale period: upon demand.

3. * Time-out - the period of time for which the ticket cannot be re-used.

4. * Podorozhnik Smart Card - cost of stored-value smart card - RUB 60.

5. *** Guest Smart Card - depending on the type of the card, in accordance with the prices as shown on the site of the program at www.petersburgcard.com.

6. Standard Electronic Tickets can be extended in specialized ticket machines.

7. The journey cost is deducted from the Standard Electronic Ticket after each journey.

8. The stored-value smart card can hold the Standard Electronic Ticket and other types of transport passes issued for an extended period of time, apart from discount tickets and the combined ticket for 10 journeys (tram, trolleybus, bus).

9. If a stored-value smart card contains several valid travel documents, resources will be deducted from the Standard Electronic ticket only if other tickets should be invalid for the particular means of transportation on the date of the journey.

10. The Standard Electronic Ticket is invalid for journeys if the balance is less than the amount required for a journey on the selected type of transportation on the date of the journey, or when the ticket’s validity period has expired.

11. Additional money can be added to the Standard Electronic Ticket, and that sum will be added to the balance of the Standard Electronic Ticket. The total amount of money on the Standard Electronic Ticket must not exceed RUB 15,000.

12. If money is added to a Standard Electronic Ticket remotely, the money will be available on the card after its activation at a cashier station, specialized ticket and token machines or through imaging devices. To do this, you must place the remotely topped-up card onto one of the aforementioned devices, and make sure that your payment sum appears on the Standard Electronic Ticket, the words “Card Updated” should appear on the screen.