Ticket Prices: Standard Pass for One Month







Name of Ticket

Price of Ticket

Type of Smart Card

Number of Journeys

Time Out Period (if applicable)*



Monthly Pass

RUB 2900

  • Personalized Smart Card,
  • ISIC,
  • Standard Electronic Smart Card **,
  • Podorozhnik Smart Card***,
  • Digital Wallet Magnetic Card,
  • Russkiy Standard Smart Card
  • PRO100 Smart Card
  • UEC Smart Card
  • Student Smart Card***
  • Student Smart Card with Picture***
  • Gazprombank Smart Card


10 minutes



Standard Student Pass 
Monthly Pass

RUB 1035

  • Metro Smart Card,
  • Student Smart Card with Picture****,
  • ISIC,
  • PRO100 Smart Card,
  • Course Smart Card***


10 minutes



School student 
Monthly Pass

RUB 515

  • Student Smart Card****, 
  • Student Smart Card with Picture****,
  • ISIC,
  • Course Smart Card***


10 minutes


The Committee for Transport Order dd. 27.06.2007 г. No. 31-р ”On Types of Transport Passes and Their Distribution.”



1. Sale period: Not applicable, sold upon demand. The ticket may contain payments for no more than two payment periods.

2. Term of validity: from the date of sale or from any date as chosen by the passenger within two months from the date of sale.

3. Period of validity: one month from the date of the ticket’s starting date.

When purchasing a first discount ticket (for university or high school students) documents must be provided that prove your eligibility for a discount. After that no additional proof will be required.

Transport passes on rechargeable electronic cards with no fixed validity terms shall be sold according to the following procedure:

  • passengers who hold a pass for a certain term of validity can purchase another pass for the subsequent period; the starting date of validity of the next ticket will fall on the day that follows after the last day of validity of the previous ticket;
  • passengers who hold a pass with an expired term of validity, or passengers buying their first pass, may choose to purchase their pass for a new period in advance, provided it is no more than three months before the intended first day of use.
  • The monthly period shall start on a day of the month (N) and end on the day of the next month (N+1).

4. Tickets can be extended in specialized ticket machines.

5. The price of the stored-value smart card is not included in the price shown for the pass.

6. * Time-out - the period of time for which the ticket cannot be re-used.

7. **Standard Smart Card Tickets can only be sold to passengers who have stored-value smart cards on their person.

8. *** The price of the stored-value smart card for the “Podorozhnik” Smart Card is RUB 60, “Course” Smart Card is RUB 80.

Tickets can only be added to the “Course” Smart Cardwhile the “Student Smart Card with Picture” is in the process of being issued.

9. **** Standard Transport Tickets can only be loaded onto Student Smart Cards and Student Smart Cards with Pictures after their discount is canceled or the student graduates.