Feedback of foreign fans about the St. Petersburg Metro during the World Cup 2018


"One of the most remarkable things in the Russian metro except beauty and cleanliness (which completely distinguishes it from the British), is that for the World Cup all the names of the stations are translated into English. But the biggest difference which I noticed is that you don't feel scared here. You feel safe and protected. I consider that the metro in Russia is just brilliant. A strongly agitated world could see Russia as it is – with a strong, but hospitable culture".

These words belong to the British TV host Cathie Hopkins who expressed admiration of the Russian metro and shot a small video from Avtovo station for the subscribers of the Twitter account.

Katie Hopkins


Opinion of the guests of St. Petersburg


It’s so incredible to visit Russia for a first time. We’ve visited Petersburg during Iran and Marocco game. Such an incredible city! And so beautiful metro! True underground palaces. We admired your central stations – your history amazes!



So cool that you have different languages speaking system on stations! Preparation for the championship is excellent! Sorry that there are only English and Russian web site versions, but anyway thank you! It’s worth to see metro in Petersburgo. Argentina loves you!



I have thought someone stole my wallet in the metro, but one lady messaged me on FB and took it back to me with all the money and credit cards. She found it on Gostiny dvor. Thanks God!



Super! Thanks Russia for this championship! We were in Saint Petersburg when Sweden beat Switzerland, it was great organization! Especially on your new Novokrestovskaya station. Of course, our tunnelbana in Stockholm is the best, but in Saint Petersburg it is not inferior in beauty. So deep, so beautiful and so pleasant passengers.


Fans World Cup 2018

Fans World Cup 2018

Fans World Cup 2018

Fans World Cup 2018