On the night of June 12-13, 2021, the metro will operate without interruption.

In order to provide transport services for the population during the late end of football matches at the "Gazprom Arena" stadium as part of the European Football Championship 2020 on the night of June 12-13, 2021, the St. Petersburg Metro will operate without a night technological break. On the night of June 12-13, 2021, all metro station vestibules will be open, except for

  • vestibule 1 of Prospekt Veteransov station (way out to Dachniy Prospekt),
  • vestibule 2 of Leninsky Prospekt station (way out to Bulvar Novatorov),
  • vestibule 2 of Ploschad Lenina station (way out to Ulitsa Lebedeva),
  • vestibule 1 of Devyatkino station,
  • vestibule 1 of Moskovskaya station (way out to Altayskaya Ulitsa),
  • vestibule 2 of Nevsky Prospekt station (way out to Griboedova Canal),
  • vestibule 2 of Prospekt Slavy station,
  • vestibule 1 of Dunaiskaya station,
  • vestibules of stations: Ploshchad' Aleksandra Nevskogo 2 (way out to Chernoretskiy Pereulok),  Dostoevskaya, Sadovaya.

We draw the attention of passengers that in the period from 2-00 to 4-30 on June 13, 2021, the sale of smart cards and the activation of Internet payments will not be carried out. At the ticket offices of metro stations, passengers at this time will be able to purchase only tokens for cash. It will be possible to go in using travel tickets, bank cards and tokens.