Metro opening hours will be extended on New Year's Eve


During New Year's Eve celebrations from 31.12.2021 to 01.01.2022 underground opening hours will be extended. Stations will be open until 01:00.

Please note that entrance to "Leninsky Prospekt" station vestibule 2, " Prospekt Veteranov " station vestibule 1, "Ploshchad Lenina" station vestibule 2, "Moskovskaya" station vestibule 1, "Dunayskaya" station vestibule 1, "Prospekt Slavy" station vestibule 2 will be closed for entrance at 22:00h.

Vestibule 2 of "Nevsky Prospekt" station will be closed for entrance at 23:00 hrs.

Vestibule 1 of "Devyatkino" station will be closed at 00:00 hrs.

Vestibule 1 of 'Tekhnologicheskiy Institut' station, vestibule 2 of “Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskogo” station, vestibule of “Dostoevskaya” station and ”Zenit” station (closed until a special order) - will be closed for entry and exit on New Year's Eve.