Prices for Metro tickets


sold at token booths at St. Petersburg Metro stations  (information as of 01.01.2016)


"Top up your “Podorozhnik” or “Sputnik” Smart Card

ispppl rurupl


Video Instructions:

How to pay for your public transport passes: video instructions


Name of Ticket 

Price of Ticket


Number of Rides 

Time Out Period (if applicable)*




 RUB 35





Luggage Ticket

 RUB 35



Payment is made on the passenger’s smart card if the passenger holds a valid pass (except for the Standard Electronic Ticket and Land Transport Ticket) or by token.


Multiple Pass
According to applicable rates up to 70 journeys
valid for 90 days
(full price)

RUB 2450

from 1

to 70 




10 Journey Pass for 7 days

 RUB 330


10 minutes



20 Journey Pass for 15 days

RUB 630


10 minutes



40 Journey Pass for 30 days

RUB 1205


10 minutes



Up to 70 journeys

Based on the rate of RUB 35 per ride

from 1

to 70


Non-cash payment**


MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave payment card

Based on the rate of RUB 35 per ride


10 minutes

Non-cash payment**

Committee for Transport Order dd. 27.06.2007 No. 31-р ”On Types of Transport Passes and Their Distribution.”

Note for pp. 1-6:

1. Type of Carrier: Metro Smart Card, Railroad Smart Card (issued in railroad booking offices before 01.01.2008), Personalized Smart Card, ISIC, Standard Smart Card, “Podorozhnik” Smart Card, M-Card Smart Card, M-Card Smart Card with Electronic Purse, Russky Standard Transport Smart Card, Student Smart Card with Photo (after expiration of discount period), mobile phone application, Otkrytie Bank Smart Card, Universal Electronic Card, Gazprombank Smart Card.

Standard Smart Card Tickets and Metro Smart Cards can only be sold only to passengers in possession of stored-value smart cards.

2. Activation Duration: upon demand.

3. Valid from: Effective upon sale.

4. Tickets and tokens can be also sold in specialized ticket and token selling machines. 

5. The payment for the next validity term of the ticket, or purchase of passes of other types (except Electronic Purse Tickets) can only be made after all journeys have been used up or the ticket’s term of validity expires.

6. Unused journeys are not refunded.

7. * Time-out - the period of time for which the ticket cannot be re-used.


Notes for p. 7:

1. Type of Carrier: Sputnik Smart Card.

2. Activation Duration: upon demand.

3. **Non-cash payments can be made on our website at www.metro.spb.ru, or the St. Petersburg Internet Bank at www.ruru.ru. Payments are made in rubles (a certain number of journeys is purchased, each journey is worth RUB 35). Total number of journeys may not exceed 70. Journeys can be used at universal turnstiles over a period of 30 days, and in Metro cashier stations over a period of 365 days.


Notes for p. 8:

In order to pay for your journey on the Metro using a MasterCard PayPass, or Visa payWave, touch your contactless card to the card reader on the left hand side of the first turnstile (The first turnstile after the lobby attendant’s cabin).